Creating Collections

The best way to view, compare, and share your favorite LiquidSpace workspaces is by creating your own customized collections. If you want to easily access your favorite spaces, share a list of possible offices with your team, or day dream about awesome spaces - saving spaces to your LiquidSpace Collections is here for you. 

To add spaces to a collection, simply search for the spaces you are interested in and click the "heart" icon on the top right of the space. 



From here you can choose which collection(s) to add your space to by clicking the heart next to the desired collection. You can also add a new collection to your list by clicking "New Collection."

Once created, you can view or share your collections from My LiquidSpace


If you have a friend or colleague share a collection with you, you'll see it available in the Collections Shared with You section of this page. You can add a shared collection to your personal list by clicking the "Share" button.


If you click into the collection, you can see another view to organize the spaces you have or see a breakdown of the details of each space to compare them to one another. You can drag them into a Shortlist, download them to a spreadsheet, view them in 2 different styles, and share them as well.


And don't forget to browse the featured collections as well!

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