Account profile and photo

To edit your account profile and photo log into LiquidSpace and click on Settings from the My LiquidSpace panel. 

What you'll want to do right away:

Add your photo by hovering over your name on the top left of My LiquidSpace.

Adding your profile photo ensures that your venue host will know what you look like and be better prepared to greet you upon your arrival at their space. 

Confirm that your contact information is accurate. 

Use the pencil icon to edit the Personal Information section of your settings panel. Make sure your name and company (if applicable) are accurate. Also make sure your phone number and email address are the best ways to contact you. The LiquidSpace team or your venue host will reach out using this contact info if there are any questions or issues regarding a reservation.

 Add your payment information.

Click the icon to add your credit card information. This will make booking an easy 2-click process when you go to book space. And, don't worry, your information is safe. No one, not even LiquidSpace, has access to your credit card information. 

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