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We've launched Membership to help your venue target a new group of remote workers who are tired of working from home and need access to professional workspace on-demand. We developed an ultra flexible membership option that encourages customers to become a member of your venue. 


  • Membership: standard at $35/month
  • Discounts: 20% discount for on-demand spaces. 10% reciprocal discount for on-demand members at other locations
  • Transaction: on LiquidSpace with 10% fee for membership and 20% fee for on-demand spaces. Payment and fees managed in your LiquidSpace account
  • Requirements: Hourly spaces are listed on LiquidSpace and calendar is integrated. Learn more about LiquidSpace calendar integration. 

Why Join?

  • Capture demand from a new category of customers that want access to your private workspaces.
  • Grow your members, earn recurring revenue and drive incremental revenue from day offices, meeting rooms and on-demand desk rentals.
  • You will be enrolled in our preferred partner program and pay a flat 20% service charge on all hourly bookings.
  • Your members who book a Membership on LiquidSpace will receive a 10% reciprocal discount at other venues in the Membership network.
  • Receive a Membership badge on LiquidSpace search results, profile and listing pages 
  • It’s free to add Membership and your venue will be promoted in our campaigns. 


1. Opt-in through your LiquidSpace Venue Manager on the Dashboard, Venue Setup or Spaces pages through the Memberships by LiquidSpace banner.

2. Accept the Membership terms by clicking the the “Agree to Terms” button.

3. The Membership listing will automatically be created on the Spaces tab of your Venue Manager.

4. The Membership will automatically appear on public profile. 

If you have any questions or run into anything unexpected, we're here to help

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