Close More Deals With Your LiquidSpace Dashboard!

Update! We’re excited to announce some changes to your LiquidSpace Dashboard, the new design will help you manage and close more deals. Watch the video tour or read below. 

The LiquidSpace Dashboard is where Host’s can see how their venue is performing at a glance and respond to new or active deals. Make sure to add team members who should be notified of new deals and stay on top of your activity. 

Venue Score is a snapshot of how your venue is performing on LiquidSpace. It impacts how many people see your listings and how many leads you receive. Your score is important to people searching for space on LiquidSpace who value finding the most accurate inventory and receiving a quick response from Hosts. Your score measures three attributes (Freshness, Responsiveness, and Conversion) that will now impact how your monthly listings appear within search results. Learn how to improve your venue score. 


Deals is your CRM to track people who have requested more information about your venue. You can close more deals by responding quickly to New Deals including tour requests and new messages. Once a deal is responded to it will be tracked in Active Deals where you can send messages and update the status of each deal. Once you’ve qualified each deal you can Approve them to book on LiquidSpace or directly with you. Make sure to update the status of deals including reporting deals that become members directly with you as Closed Won, or you can update deals that didn’t become members as Closed Lost. Learn about managing deals. 


Prospects are people who have started an active search in your market. These prospects have not yet qualified your space but have entered details about what they’re looking for. You can get more deals by reaching out to Prospects by sending a proposal through LiquidSpace with information on spaces you have available that fits their requirements.  Learn how to engage with Prospects. 


We’re looking forward to closing more deals together! Let us know if you have questions!

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