Introducing Your Venue Score

LiquidSpace wants to make sure the most accurate, engaged and quality inventory is surfaced on top of our marketplace. That’s why we’re introducing your Venue Score, three attributes (Freshness, Responsiveness, and Conversion) that will now impact how your monthly listings appear within search results.


#1: Freshness 

People want to know that the listings on LiquidSpace are accurate and available - not a bait and switch. 

How it works - Confirm your listings at least every 30 days. There are two ways to confirm:


  • In your profile - click on your spaces tab and review your space information. Once all listings are up to date, click the “Confirm” button.


  • By email - You will receive an email every 30 days with all your public and private listings.


*Tip: Listings that are not confirmed will appear lower in search results and will eventually be delisted after 180 days of no activity. You can always reactivate a listing that has become inactive, but you’ll be rewarded by keeping your listings fresh by confirming each month.

#2: Responsiveness

People expect a quick response from Hosts, whether they have a question or are ready to schedule a tour. 

How it works - Respond to all messages within 24 hours. You can respond to messages in two places:


  • LiquidSpace messages inbox2019-10-09_10-50-55.png


  • Your personal email inbox2019-10-09_08-49-43.png


*Tip: Make sure you have your team members and notifications setup to respond to all messages within two hours and you’ll be a rockstar!

#3: Conversion 

People like social proof and when others have booked a space at your venue it helps others see themselves there too. 

How it works - Your conversion score is the percent of deals you’ve closed from LiquidSpace. Make sure to report the status of active deals on your LiquidSpace Dashboard. Deals that close at your venue can be reported in two ways. 


  • Approve to book online. Close deals and collect payment through LiquidSpace by approving prospects to book online. You can approve the deal on your dashboard by clicking “Approve to Book”. The prospect will receive an email notifying them that they can complete the booking online for the terms specified in your space listing. 
  • Close deals offline. If you closed a deal directly that you received from LiquidSpace you must report the deal terms to our sales team. Click on the three dots next to the deal and select “Closed Deal Offline” and enter the terms of the deal to notify our sales team. 
  • Archive deals that are lost. If a deal isn’t going to close then you can archive the deal by clicking “Archive” from the menu under the three dots next to each deal. 


*Tip: Venues that have an above average conversion of their monthly leads will rank higher in search results. If you haven’t had many leads yet no worries, that will not negatively impact your listings. 

Be a top performer on LiquidSpace by taking three simple steps: stay up-to-date with your monthly listings, respond quickly to new messages, and close out your active deals. Log in to your profile today to see your venue score today and let our team know if you have questions or feedback so we can grow together!


Your LiquidSpace Team


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