Integrating your OfficeRnD calendar with LiquidSpace is the most reliable and recommended way to ensure that your reservation calendars are always in sync.

Using our direct integration you can sync your OfficeRnD calendar with the LiquidSpace calendar. To begin, simply follow the instructions below. Once complete, you'll need to provide our Support team with a few details via email. Read on for more information and please contact us if you have any questions before getting started!  

  1. Add an Application to your OfficeRnD profile. Under Settings > Developer Tools within the OfficeRnD dashboard click the “Add Application” button, as shown below. OfficeRnD_-_add_application.png
  2. Name the Application “LiquidSpace Integration” and check the Read and Write permissions boxes, then click “Update” to save the changes.OfficeRnD_-_configure_application.png
  3. Configure an Endpoint to connect to your LiquidSpace calendar. Gather your custom Admin Site ID from your OfficeRnD profile. You'll find this information under Settings > My Account > General > Admin Site as pictured below.OfficeRnD_-_Admin_Site.png
  4. Create your Custom URL by adding your Admin Site ID to the LiquidSpace integration URL “” For example, 

    Next you will add your Custom URL to Endpoint. Navigate to Settings > Developer Tools > Webhooks then click “Add Endpoint”


  5. Configure the Endpoint by adding your Custom URL to the Endpoint URL field and then check the following boxes. When finished, complete this step by clicking “Add” as shown in the screenshot below.
    • booking.created
    • booking.edited
    • booking.removedOfficeRnD_-_configure_Endpoint.png
  6. Next, create an alias Teammate Account to receive LiquidSpace bookings on your OfficeRnD calendar. Navigate to Settings > My Account > Teammates > then click the “Add Teammate” button. OfficeRnD_-_Add_Teammate.pngClick the "Add New" button in the pop up that follows. OfficeRnD_-_add_new_teammate.png
  7. Create a new contact named “LiquidSpace Reservations” You can use a fictitious email address for this new contact, for ease. Click the "Invite" button when ready for next steps.  OfficeRnD_-_LiquidSpace_Reservations.png 
  8. Gather your Client ID and Client Secret from OfficeRnD. Navigate to Settings > Developer Tools then click “View” to display. OfficeRnD_-_client_ID_view_button.pngOfficeRnD_-_ClientID_secret.png
  9. Finally, it's time to send the required info to LiquidSpace Support to complete the integration. Copy the message template below into a new email to including your specific OfficeRnD Client IDClient Secret, and Custom URL 
Subject: OfficeRnD Integration

Hello Support, 

Please pass the following information to an integration specialist for completion of my OfficeRnD calendar integration. 

Client ID: 
Client Secret: 
Custom URL: 


Great job! You've just completed your side of the OfficeRnD calendar integration process. Our team will be in touch via email within a business day or two with confirmation of the integration. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out for help! 



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