LiquidSpace Expands International Support

LiquidSpace is expanding our international presence and we are excited to invite venues from around the world to join the LiquidSpace network! Get started today by creating a free profile for your venue on to list your available flexible office space.

While we currently only support payment processing and real-time transactions in the United States, Canada, and Australia, you can still list your monthly workspace to receive inquiries, as well as list your meeting rooms, offices, and desks for instant book by the hour or day. 

Before getting started, we recommend you carefully review our Terms of Use, Host Terms, and the following important details regarding our expansion. 

  • Real-Time Availability 
    • LiquidSpace is the largest real-time network for office space. By publishing space listings on LiquidSpace, you agree to update the status of each listing to offer accurate real-time availability to people searching for space.
  • Hourly Bookings 
    • Accept instant bookings for your meeting rooms, offices and desks by the hour or day. You can manage availability from your LiquidSpace calendar or integrate with your existing calendar. When available, guests can instantly book your space through LiquidSpace. LiquidSpace charges a tiered fee of 50% for a guests 1st booking, 25% for a guests 2nd booking, and 10% for all other bookings per our Host Terms.
  • Monthly Bookings 
    • Receive inquiries for your monthly offices and desks through LiquidSpace Messenger. When you find the right match, you can close deals directly with Guests, and mark those deals as closed offline in your LiquidSpace Dashboard. LiquidSpace will invoice you via email for 10% of the monthly bookings per our Host Terms.
  • Payment 
    • LiquidSpace does not currently accept payment on behalf of venues outside of the US, Australia, and Canada. You are responsible for accepting payment directly from the Guest on-site and LiquidSpace will invoice you via email at the end of the month per our Host Terms.  


We will update our global venue partners as we expand functionality, language and payment support for additional countries. Stay in the loop by listing your space at


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