Host Referral - Share LiquidSpace with guests you can't accommodate

LiquidSpace is your partner in sharing space and that's why we're excited to partner with you in better serving your customers and others with space to share. 

Provide a killer customer service experience to guests you don't have the right space for now. Invite them to your LiquidSpace network using you customer URL. We'll get them into the right space and you'll get a thank you and $100 bonus.

Know other space operators with space to share? Invite them to create a venue on LiquidSpace and list their month-to-month space. If they get a booking, you get a bonus. 

Here's how it works: 

On your Venue Manager, go to the Marketing section and click on Referral.

In the top section you'll see your personal URL. If anyone joins LiquidSpace via that link, whether they are searching for or listing space - they'll be attached to you as their referrer. If they book a monthly space or get a monthly booking, you get $100. It's that easy. Use the easy share links below to send your link directly via email or share at large on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. 

You can create collections of nearby spaces to share as well. Collections can be included in an email invite or shared directly. 

At the bottom of the Referral section, track your referred guests and venues. 

Don't worry about sending a prospect away empty handed again. Let your LiquidSpace network work for you to wow them and they'll remember your hospitality.



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