Taking Professional Workspace Photos with your Smartphone

Beautiful, eye-catching imagery is the best way to get your space noticed. Help guests visualize their workspace experience with 2-5 high quality images of your space from various angles. Check out these 5 tips from professional photographers for capturing professional looking images on your smartphone!

    1. Perspective is key. Shoot from the corners to get as wide of an angle as possible and make your space feel larger. Change height levels and don’t be afraid to experiment with dramatic shots from low and high angles.
    2. Light it up. Well-lit office space is always in high demand, so capture as much light as possible. Natural light is always better than fluorescent so if your space has windows, make sure to show em’ off in the photos! 
    3. Straight lines. The frame of your photo should run parallel to important vertical and horizontal lines in the shot like windows, desks, and ceiling lines. For your LiquidSpace listing, we recommend horizontal photos.
    4. Edit like a pro - Take advantage of the edit options on your phone to add a touch of saturation and sharpness or easily lower the warmth on rooms with incandescent light to quickly reduce that ‘orange look.’ Plus, check out free apps like Photo Shop Express for help with exposure, contrast, highlights and shadows.
    5. Tap away dark areas - Shooting against windows can be tough because it makes the whole room look dark. Take care of this by tapping your phone on the dark part of the room. This will let the window over expose and lighten everything up, otherwise the room will be completely black.

All photos shot on an iPhone 6.


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