Setting Up House Rules

The DASH (Direct Agreement for Space Hosting) License is the trusted legal agreement used for all LiquidSpace bookings. You can learn more about DASH if you click here. We do know, however, that each host offers a unique space that may have special terms or that a specific guest may be granted unique terms. LiquidSpace allows a host to add their own House Rules as an addition to the DASH. 

While House Rules should not override the DASH terms around Booking, Payment, Cancellation, and Default, you can use House Rules to explain information about workspace use/access, conduct and behavior, venue-specific rules/policies, building-specific rules, or special considerations.


House Rules may be set up at two levels:

Venue Level - These would be rules that apply to all of your monthly listings and may contain rules regarding:

    • Workspace Use and Access. May include hours of access, information on keys/fobs, or appropriate use of space. 
    • Conduct or Behavior
    • Venue Specific Rules and Polices. May include information about use of kitchen/public areas, mail services or delivery, pet policy, or insurance coverage requirements.
    • Building or Landlord-Specific Rules and Polices. May include information about parking or use of common building areas. 

Workspace Level - These rules apply only to the guest booking an individual workspace. May be pre-set rules or may be agreed upon and added after negotiations with a guest. They may contain rules regarding: 

    • Special Pricing Considerations or Discounts. May include discounts or temporary decreases in price (LiquidSpace must be notified). 
    • Space-Specific Rules. May include information about amenities included in the space, capacity, or access. 
    • Guest-Specific Rules or Policies. May include information about hours of access, extra keys/access, capacity, or personal items (i.e. bring your own refrigerator). 

A custom DASH license is created and available for each guest and will include an additional section with all House Rules agreed to at the time the space was booked.

If you have any questions or would like to see some sample House Rules, please contact us as  

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