Scheduling Tours for Monthly Spaces

LiquidSpace makes it easy to schedule, confirm, and track your tours for prospective monthly guests. Tour confirmation and rescheduling is done through messenger. 


Guests can choose a date and time for their tour directly from your venue profile page. You'll be notified of the date and time so you can review and confirm. 

Note: Guests can choose from half-hour time slots throughout your listed hours of operation. 

Click Yes, Confirm this Tour to verify the time and notify the guest that you'll be there to show them the requested space at this time. Feel free to send a message with more details about access or any questions you may have before the tour. 

If the requested time doesn't work for you, simply click No, Suggest Another Time and choose a date/time that work for you to propose to the guest. They can confirm the new time or request an alternate time. 

Once confirmed, you'll see the tour showing as confirmed in your messages along with the next steps for this potential guest.

We'll send a reminder email the day before the tour outlining any tours and reservations for the next day. 

After the tour is complete, we'll ask the guest for feedback so they can let you know if yours is the space they want to book. If so, you can review your pricing/house rules, approve them to book and get them booked!

Click here for more details on post-tour activities and approving a guest to book.



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