Understanding The DASH™ License

The DASH™ License is the uniform license that governs your relationship with every guest that transacts your space through LiquidSpace. The DASH License provides your customers with a robust, fair terms, written in language that they can understand, that also protect your business.

Why DASH is different (better!)

  1. It's short and simple. It's written simply and it's balanced - to protect you as the host and your guests.
  2. It's a license, not a lease. As a host, you retain ownership of the space, but your guests know they have committed space as long as they follow the license terms and house rules. 
  3. Agreement is between host and guest. LiquidSpace is not a party except as a Marketplace Service (payments). 
  4. It's proven. As the standard legal agreement for all LiquidSpace bookings you can be confident that the DASH license can be trusted. 
  5. Guests are more comfortable booking your space. The DASH license offers consistent terms across all venues in the network - no matter where or when guest's book.

What do I need to know

Under the DASH license, guest will book through the LiquidSpace platform and LiquidSpace will:

  1. If you require one, collect and hold a deposit in the amount of 1 month or 2 month's rent for any of your guests. 
  2. Collect monthly rent and pay out to you monthly. 
  3. Allow flexible cancellation terms. Guest can move out with 30 days notice and you can end a guest's license with 60 days notice for month-to-month agreements. 

What's covered in the DASH

DASH covers the important legal stuff: Cancellation Policy, Payment Policy, Deposit, Default, Liability/Indemnification. A friendly breakdown is shown below (please review full DASH license here, this outline does not include all terms).

Compliance, Possession & Delivery
Bottom Line: The DASH, including House Rules, apply to your guest and anyone they let into the space. They accept the space as-is.

Workspace Use
Bottom Line: Guests can use the space only as an office. Guests cannot be disruptive to other tenants. Guests cannot alter or improve the space or store hazardous materials. The Host can move guest to a similar or larger space and at no extra cost with 30 days notice. The Host can come into the guests space.

Good Care
Bottom Line: The guest must take good care of the space, the area and whatever the Host chooses to share with them, and the Building. Space and anything else used must be returned in good condition. If something breaks or gets damaged, Host should be notified know right away. Guest is responsible for paying for any replacement or repairs.

Keys, Name & Address
Bottom Line: Any keys or entry cards provided by the Host belong to the Host, can’t be copied and must be returned. Guest cannot put any additional locks on doors or windows. Guest cannot put up any signs on the door or the space or the building.

Conduct, Confidentiality, & Non-solicitation
Bottom Line: No discrimination, no harassment, anything a guest sees should be considered confidential. Guests may not recruit each others’ employees.

Damages & Insurance
Bottom Line: Guest must have damage insurance for their personal property and liability insurance for their employees and any other insurance described in the House Rules. All property in guest’s space is under guest’s control. Guest can not go after the host for any lost property; damages; liabilities. Host may request a Certificate of Insurance sent to the venue prior to move in.

Payment & Renewal
Bottom Line: The first month and deposit (if required) are collected on agreement. Reservation and payment are processed through LiquidSpace. Payment for each following month is due on the first of the month. Monthly licenses automatically renew unless the Guest provides 30 days notice or the Host provides 60 days notice.

Bottom Line: Full refund is available for cancellation within 24 hours of booking or until 30 days before term starts. If cancelled less than 30 days before start date, a 50% refund of first month is available until the term starts.

Bottom Line: The deposit (if required) is held by LiquidSpace in the amount of one or two month’s charge until the client moves out. Host must notify LiquidSpace of any claims against deposit within 10 days.

Bottom Line: If guest doesn’t pay or fails to comply with terms or house rules then the Host, upon notice, may terminate the license and take possession.

Indemnity, Disclaimer, Liability
Bottom Line: Guests indemnify the host against claims, the host is providing the space “as-is” without any warranty, the host is not liable.

License Agreement & Subordination
Bottom Line: DASH creates a revocable license. The Host retains possession and control of the space. The license is subject to the terms of the Host’s lease and license terminates when the Host’s lease terminates. The terms are subordinate to the Host’s lease.

What's not covered in the DASH

We know that each host offers a unique space that may have special terms or that a specific guest may be granted unique terms. LiquidSpace allows a host to add their own House Rules that can be included in the DASH. House rules may contain information about workspace use/access, conduct and behavior, venue-specific rules/policies, building-specific rules, or special considerations. Learn more about House Rules and how to add yours.


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