Introducing the Redesigned Venue Profile Page

The newly redesigned Venue Profile Page is here to help you market your space using LiquidSpace. Check out the video and FAQ below for all the details. 


What's new?
1) Updated multimedia gallery front and center. You can include still images, videos, map location and street view to help guests get the full picture of what your space has to offer. 

2) Follow and share. We want guests to be able to save and share your spaces as easily as possible. And now they can!

3) Messenger built in. We've built in the LiquidSpace messenger tool directly into your profile page. Guests can message you and your team directly to ask questions and get connected with your space. 

4) Monthly and Hourly space views. List all your available spaces by the hour, day or month. The most variety you have, the more guests will find your space. 

5) Map view. We'll showcase your venue location and nearby amenities. This section helps guests further determine if your space is in the right location for them. 

6) Ratings and Reviews. We'll make sure guests see all the great work you've done hosting so far. 

What do I need to know about messenger?
We have put the messenger platform front and center on your profile page. Make sure you and your team are ready to receive and respond to messages. Review the details here

How do I add/update my host image?
You can choose one venue administrator to serve as the host displayed on your venue and workspace profile pages. To update the host and host image, go to Venue Setup --> Team in your Venue Manager. Click edit to add the photo and choose the host from the dropdown below your team list. 

How do I update my multimedia gallery?
In your Venue Manager, navigate to Venue Setup --> Photos to upload your venue gallery. Videos can be added under the Photos section of your individual workspaces. 

How many images should I add?
Your venue gallery is the best way to show off your space. Add as many images as you have to fill out the gallery and take guests on a "tour" of your space from the exterior and throughout the shared spaces. We'd recommend no less than 5, but there's no such thing as too many. 

Do you have tips for taking good photos?
You bet we do! Click here to learn more about how to take great photos of your spaces

What makes a good venue description?
Include detailed information about your location (cross streets, public transportation info, parking), a description of your venue, nearby restaurants, and cafes. The most specific you can be, the better search engines can find your profile. 

What kind of spaces should I list?
We recommend listing everything you have. Guests are searching every day for short and long term spaces on the LiquidSpace site. The more spaces you list, the more likely you are to be discovered by the right guests. List small offices and large offices by the month. List day offices, conference rooms, trainings rooms, and day passes by the hour/day. 

If you have any additional questions or comments, please let us know and we'll be happy to assist! You can also email us directly at

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