Adding Exceptions to Close your Space

In this article, we'll discuss how to set up an exception to close a workspace/venue. 

All exceptions are created in your Venue Setup under Venue Setup --> Hours --> Advanced Options.


Choose the proper settings for your exception:


  Date Range If your exception is only going to apply to a specific date or date range, choose this option. This is most common for custom holidays or other full venue closures. 

Choose from:

  Open Hours

If your exception is to set different Hours of Operation from your standard, choose this option. Then choose the correct hours of operation. This is most common for an availability rule giving contracted members 24-hour access or limiting availability of a single workspace.

  Closed 24 Hours If your exception is to make your space unavailable, choose this option. This is most common for custom holidays, full venue closures, or limiting guest access to member spaces. 

Choose which workspaces' availability should be changed with this exception.

Choose which people (visa) groups this exception will impact.

For any exceptions that will mark your space as closed, it is recommended you include a description to be displayed on the calendar indicating the reason it is not available. 

Example: If you will not be making your workspaces available during some downtime like a construction event, you would use the following settings:

Day: Date Range - Dec 24 thru Jan 2
Hours: Closed 24 Hours
Workspace: All
People: All


Once an exception is added, it is automatically saved and will be reflected on your calendar.

Exception Logic

Keep in mind when you're adding exceptions that we process them in order from the bottom up. For example, in the screenshot below I added a window of time during which my venue will be closed, from Dec 24th - Jan 2nd. Then I added another exception to be Open on Dec 26th. In this scenario the venue will open per the exception for Dec 26th and then fall back onto the previous closed exception, because of the logical order the feature follows.



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