Monthly Leads Report

You view and manage all the leads who are interested in booking your monthly spaces through the Monthly Leads report. This report will display all the important details regarding your monthly guest leads.

To access the report, click on Monthly Leads from the Reports section of your Venue Manager.

You can view all the details about a lead in the grid. You can sort by column header. Click the header you wish to sort by to reorder the list. To add more columns to your view, click Select Columns to Display and check the fields you’d like to see. 

You can also view all the details for an individual lead by clicking on the lead (member) name.

Use the Action column to Approve (or Decline) any booking requests and grant that lead the ability to book that space directly through LiquidSpace.

Remember, use the LiquidSpace Messenger to easily contact your leads, answer questions, and coordinate tours.

Have any questions about your Monthly Leads? We’re happy to help.


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