Viewing Billing Statements

Venue Billing Statements become available on the 1st of each month and detail all credit card billed reservations for the reporting period. The summary view outlines the number of reservations, the sales price billed to the guest, additional incidental charges, and the amount due to be paid (on the 15th).

View Billing Statements
To access your venue statements, click on the Reports tab from your Venue Manager. You can view or download detail by clicking on View Statements for the month you wish to view. Venues with payment due will also receive an email on the 15th of each month confirming payment has been sent with a link to your Billing Statement.


Reporting Period

  • Monthly Reservations include all new and renewing monthly reservations for the current month, as well as new partial-month reservations created the prior month. This will include all reservations from the 2nd of the previous month through the 1st of the current month. Ex: For your August 15th your summary will include reservations paid on July 2nd - August 1st.
  • Hourly Reservations include all hourly reservations completed for the prior calendar month from the 1st to end of month. Ex: for August 15th your summary will include reservations completed on July 1-31st.


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