Usage Report: Reporting Guest Reservations

To make it easy for you to see all your total hourly/daily guest activity and hours used by contracted members you can generate a Usage Report.

The Usage Report includes details about all previous, upcoming and cancelled reservations. To generate the report, navigate to the Reports section of your Venue Manager and select Usage Report.

The report will default to the last 7 days, but you can adjust the time frame to view any reservation period that you’d like.

Note: If you choose a large time frame, the report may take longer to load.

You can view all the details about a reservation in the grid. You can sort by column header. Click the header you wish to sort by to reorder the list. To add more columns to your view, click Select Columns to Display and check the fields you’d like to see.

You can also view all the details for an individual reservation by clicking on the line of the reservation you wish to view.

You can print the report as you are viewing it by clicking the Print button. Or, you can download the report will all columns using the Download button.

Note: Any payment fields (Net to Venue, Total to Venue, Sales Tax) are estimated. To see what you will be or have been paid for a reservation, view your billing statements.

Have any questions about the Usage Report? We’re happy to help.


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