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Setting up your available spaces is done in just a few steps. When guests are browsing space, the first thing they'll see are the best spaces to suit their needs. Make sure you've completed your setup for each space with full details, quality images, and accurate amenities. Aim to make guests feel confident that your space is right for them.

To add a new space, click Add Space from the Spaces section of your Venue Manager or click on a space name to edit the settings for that space. In this article, we’ll talk about how to setup the first section of your space edit screen is titled: Space Info.

Name of the space you are listing
In the first field of the space, you’ll be asked what you would like to name this space. Enter a unique name for this space at your venue. Your workspace name will likely be a basic description like "Team Office 616."

Type of space and capacity
Choose if this space will be available Monthly, Hourly, or Day Pass Only.

  Monthly: If you are listing an open desk, dedicated desk, private or team office for month-to-month terms, monthly will be right for your space.
  Hourly: If you are listing a day office or conference room for hourly/daily use, hourly pricing is the right for your space. Hourly should be used for all non-coworking spaces for which a guest will be booking an entire workspace.
  Day Pass Only: If you a listing your coworking space for day use by LiquidSpace guests, you’ll want Day Pass pricing. Day passes are for open workspace areas where more than one seat is available. A guest may book one seat in the open area for the day for a single, daily price.

Choose from the drop down the correct type of space that you are listing.

For Monthly spaces you can choose from:

  Open Desk: An unassigned desk in an open, shared space. Personal items should be taken home at the end of each day. The guest choose an open desk upon arrival.
  Dedicated Desk: An assigned desk or collection of desks that can only be occupied by the guest(s). Desks are often located in a open, shared space. The guest(s) can rely on the same desk(s) during the duration of the contract.
  Private Office: A furnished, fully enclosed and lockable space ideal for individual work. Storing personal belongings are allowed.
  Team Office:  A fully enclosed, lockable space that is built for a team of two or more and contains multiple workstations. Storing personal belongings is allowed.
  Office Suite: A fully enclosed, lockable space that is built for a team of people and contains multiple spaces - usually a combination of private offices, team offices, and meeting spaces.

For Hourly spaces you can choose from:

Desk spaces:

  Coworking: Space in open area of a coworking venue with a busy, community atmosphere.
  Open Desk: A desk in a shared workspace, guest may choose desk upon arrival.
  Hotel Lobby: A reservable individual workspace or meeting area within a hotel lobby.

Office spaces:

  Private Office: Space has four walls and a door, ideal for an individual worker or interview.
  Team Office: Space has four walls and a door, ideal for team working (more than one desk).

Meeting spaces:

  Private Meeting Room: Space has four walls and a door for private meetings. Privacy glass is okay.
  Semi-private meeting space: Space has 3-4 walls and generally removed from heavy traffic or noise.Rooms with clear glass interior walls or where others will be heard or walk by regularly should be classified as semi-private.
  Training Room: Space has four walls and a door, ideal for training.
  Event Space:  Space that is idea for large events.

How many people is this space for?
What is the maximum capacity for this space?

Space Description
Describe your space. A good description is usually about 100 words and has 1-2 sentences defining the room shape, seating, windows, and capacity. Additionally, describe the benefits and amenities of this space. A good description example would be:

“This beautiful meeting room fits up to 5 people and is surrounded by large windows that provide lots of natural light and view of the city. Ergonomic chairs are set all around a circular table and a large flat-screen is ready for us. It’s a quiet space to think and get work done or have privacy for a meeting.”

In the next section, we’ll review how to set up your space prices.


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