A Fresh Look for Venue Manager

Introducing a redesigned site for our Hosts to easily share, manage and grow your business on LiquidSpace.  All of the same features are available as before, but with a streamlined design and more functionality.

Organized around how you work.  

  • Less clicks. Sign-in to LiquidSpace and Venue Manager becomes your new home screen. If you navigate away, click your name in the header to get back home.
  • No more tabs. Tools are now stacked on the left of the screen to better organize information around how you use LiquidSpace.
  • Real-time data. We know you’re busy, so we made it easy to access the information you need. At a glance data is included in your calendar, space listings and reports.

Explore the new Venue Manager.

Venue Manager
This may be the last item in your tools, but it’s the foundation of all of your LiquidSpace profile info and settings. Review your venue settings and update your contact information, team notifications, payment info and guest hours.

  • Showcase your shared spaces online by adding up to 25 images to your gallery and writing a compelling description for guests who are looking to book your space.
  • Tip - You can now see and change your profile’s status from the blue toggle switch; ‘Public’, is visible to everyone. Private, is only visible to people you invite. 


Your calendar is the main screen to view upcoming reservations and manage the availability of your meeting rooms and other hourly spaces.

  • Change your calendar view depending on your task; choose Day or Agenda views to see today’s availability and upcoming reservations. Or use Week or Month view to plan a little further out.
  • Tip - Click ‘Full Screen’ to expand your calendar and see more spaces on one screen.


Create a listing on LiquidSpace for each of your shared offices, meeting rooms, and desks. You can edit the profile and manage the availability for each space here.  

  • Choose which of your spaces are visible to book, manage the availability status from the space grid or when editing each space. Make your space ‘Available’ and it will be displayed on your profile page, change to ‘Not Available’ to remove spaces that are no longer available for rent.
  • Tip - The most booked spaces have at least 3 high-quality photos, at least 5 sentence description of space, and choose which amenities included or optional with space.


This is your directory of people who have been invited or have booked your space. You can invite new members or guests and assign them different permissions for when they can book and how they pay.

  • Click ‘Invite Members’ to send a personalized email invite to new people and choose  Guest or Member permissions to control their access to book and pay for space.
  • Tip - View a member’s profile, change their permissions and payment options by clicking ‘Edit’ to the right of their name.


Grow your business by leveraging your LiquidSpace profile and sharing tools. The marketing page has tips and tools to help you promote your shared spaces online.

  • Grab your unique Profile Link for each of your workspaces, click ‘Share’ to easily post to social media, and benefit with a reduced 10% flat fee for bookings that come from your Share Profile link.
  • Tip - Connect LiquidSpace to your website and your Facebook profile to accept instant online bookings. Learn more by reading marketing tips from our team.


You need real-time access to accurate data. The new ‘Reports’ page gives you multiple ways to view, download and access everything you need.

  • All of your reports in one-place. Track hourly reservations on the Usage Report, see how much you’ve earned by month with Billing Statements, and manage Monthly Lead requests for your offices and desks.  
  • Tip - Click ‘Download’ on the usage report to get a full report for any time period exported in CSV format (open in Excel). You can see the fine grain detail of activity in your meeting spaces by members and guests alike.




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