Setting Minimum Term Listings

LiquidSpace makes it simple to share your extra space with flexible month-to-month licenses and payment. In addition to offering a flexible month-to-month rate, you may now also offer incentives for guests to commit to longer terms. We want to help you share your space on your terms. That’s why, in addition to flexible month to month pricing, you can set up a monthly rate for a required minimum term.

How it Works

You can use term pricing to encourage a guest to book for a committed duration at your space. You can allow month to month pricing, but also offer a discounted monthly rate if a guest commits to a certain booking length (you can choose from 3, 6, or 12 or 36 months).

When a guest is viewing your space, they’ll be able to see pricing based on their booking commitment.

Remember that guests are looking for different space options and you can maximize interest by offering competitive rates and flexible terms. If your space requires a minimum term, that option is also available. 

What do I need to know?

When a guest submits a tour request, it will include an estimate of how long they plan to stay. Be sure to discuss this with the guest when they come to tour to make sure that you and the guest have the same expectations and there are no surprises when they complete the booking.

A guest can choose to book a term reservation even if you do not list a discounted rate or minimum term. You are both required to honor the committed duration of the reservation and, unless cancelled, the reservation will carryover month to month after the initial term.

If a guest cancels early, they will be held to the cancellation policy outlined in the DASH license. This will require that they pay for any committed months and 50% of the remaining term.

Payment will still be collected by LiquidSpace and remitted monthly for these guests. 

You can set up term pricing on the workspace edit page. Click here to learn more or contact with any questions. 

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