Inviting Members

If you are using LiquidSpace to allow your venue-billed members to view, book and manage their reservations at your space, you can use the invite process to add new venue-billed members. Click “Invite Members” to get started.

You can add members one at a time or you can invite a group of members by uploading them via .CSV. To upload a member, you’ll need to provide at least their First and Last name and email address. You can also upload their phone number, zip/postal code, company name, and any internal notes regarding this member.

Tip: All the same fields can be uploaded via .CSV. Download the .CSV starter template and fill in the fields for each member and then upload to invite the whole list.

Once the member information is added/uploaded, choose the appropriate visa/permissions from the dropdown menu for the member(s).

You can review and customize the invitation message that the member will receive in their inbox.

You can preview the invitation to see what their email will look like before sending.

Once you have confirmed that everything looks good, check the box to agree that you have permission to email these members and choose if you want an email notification when the member accepts your invite.

Press Invite.

If you have any question about managing or inviting members or guests, we’d be happy to help.



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