Members List

The Members section of your Venue Manager allows you to see a list of all the guests (and internal members) who have booked at or are approved to book at your space.

From the Members grid you’ll be able to view the member name, company (if provided), email address, visa name (member can be CC billed through LS or Venue-billed directly) and visa status. There are three possible visa statuses:

  Granted: User has permission to book at your venue using the settings for their assigned visa.
  Pending: User has requested permission to book at your venue or has not yet accepted your invitation to book at your venue using the settings for the assigned visa
  Denied: User may not book at your venue. 

From the grid you can also edit a member by clicking the edit button on the far right. For LiquidSpace guests you can edit the assigned visa or visa status. For internal members, you can edit the member name, phone number, postal code, company name and the assigned visa. You can also add notes (viewable by admin only) regarding this member/guest.

Note: Members will be notified via email of any changes made to their account profile.

Looking to add new members? Click here.



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