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The final section of your space setup is the amenities section. Start by clicking on an amenity to add it to your venue or space. Note that the first section applies to all spaces at your venue. The lower options pertain to this space specifically. 

Once selected, you can add additional details about an amenity on the amenity list.

Details include:

Choose whether this amenity is always included with the reservation for free or if it is only available upon request.

Is there a fee
Requestable amenities can be included for free or can require a fee. Choose Yes or No. LiquidSpace only collects payment for the space itself, so you will need to collect any additional fees directly from the guest on the day of arrival.

*** Please note that free wifi access is a requirement for all hourly/daily listings. To help members get settled in quickly, you are encouraged to include the Network Name and Password in the Wifi amenity details. For security purposes we will only reveal this information after a member books the space.

Enter a description for the amenity including fee details. This description will be displayed on your venue detail pages (as seen below). Guests will use this information to ensure that a space has everything they need.

Now that you’ve completed the setup, you can click “Preview” to see what the profile page looks like for this space. You can also Save or Make it live!


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