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The next section of your space setup is the Photos section. Here, you can upload the photos of the space. (If you haven't uploaded images of the commons areas yet, you'll do that here as well). 

The first introduction that a LiquidSpace guest will get to your workspaces will be the images. Making sure that you have high quality, accurate images is the best way to showcase your space. Be sure to include different angles to show room entry, windows, views, and amenities.

Click Upload Photos button to select your images from your computer. You can also drag and drop photos into the uploader.


Once loaded, you can identify whether the photo is of the specific space you are working on or a common area of your site. 


You can add caption or crop your photos once you move them to their correct section. 

Note: We'll remember your common area photos for each space, so you only need to upload/edit those photos once.

Need professional photos? We can help. Click here.

To learn more about taking great space photos? Click here.


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