The next section of your space setup is the Prices section. Depending on the reservation method you have selected, you may see one of three screens within this section. All prices will be shown with sales tax, if set up, on your listing.


For monthly spaces, enter in the amount you want to charge per month for the use of this space. Price should be inclusive of standard amenities. A deposit will also be also collected in the amount of one month when a guest books your space.

Minimum Terms: You can use terms to offer an incentive price for longer, committed term bookings or to prevent a book for less than a specified term. Click here to learn about term pricing. 

To add term pricing, check the box next to the duration you wish to offer pricing. You can select all or none. Once selected, either enter the percent discount you wish to offer for that term or key in the price you wish to charge per month for that duration. 

To disable month-to-month bookings, you can choose a new minimum term from the drop down. You can choose 3, 6, 12, or 36 month minimums. This will mean a guest could not book the space for less than the minimum required term. 


For hourly spaces, you can set an hourly, half-day, or full-day rate for the space. It is recommended that you provide a price for at least hourly and full-day. Consider discounted half-day or full-day rates to incentivize longer bookings.

Note: LiquidSpace bookings can be a short as 15 minutes and as long as your hours of operation on a given day. If a guest books less than 1 hour, they will be charged for a full hour. You can not require bookings be a certain length.

Day Pass Only

For coworking or open desk spaces, enter in the price for a single day for this space.

Note: If you wish to offer any of your spaces free of charge, you can check the box next to “I don’t want to charge for this space. Make it FREE.”

Next, we’ll review how to upload your space images.

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