LiquidSpace Messenger as a Venue Owner/Host

The LiquidSpace Messenger system allows you to use LiquidSpace to communicate with your LiquidSpace guests. You can use the system to schedule tours, manage booking permissions and communicate with monthly guests or to coordinate details for hourly/daily guests. 

Messages are available from your My LiquidSpace profile when you're in Guest Mode. 


Or you can access Messages from your Venue Profile to answer guests questions or tour requests. You can also send a guest a message or answer them from your venue profile, should they reach out about a question regarding your venue. 


Using Messenger for Tours/Inquiries for Monthly Spaces

When a guest submits a tour request for your monthly spaces, you'll continue to receive your normal notification email, but you'll also be sent a message in LiquidSpace with the details of the request that you can directly respond to. You can see more about that in Scheduling Tours for Monthly Spaces.

Hourly/Daily Guests

You can also use messenger to reach out to your hourly/daily guests. Click on Messages from your My LiquidSpace profile and then choose "New Message."

Type the guest's name into the To box and you'll get a list of possible recipients from your calendar/directory. The guest will be notified and can respond directly through messenger.


Be sure to check your My LiquidSpace to see all active messages. 

Have additional questions or having issues reaching out to a guest? Contact LiquidSpace Support at We're always happy to help.  


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