Closing a Monthly Deal

LiquidSpace is excited to partner with you in providing your monthly space to those who are looking with simple terms and quick turnaround.To ensure you get the most of your LiquidSpace listing, please follow-up quickly with your tour requests. Our team will be communicating with you and the guest as well to help the process move efficiently.

When a tour request is submitted, you'll receive an email and message notifying you of the request and giving you more details about the guest. 

The guest name, email address, phone number, and company are all required to submit a request. Click to confirm your tour via Messenger or email soon as possible.

The request will include a requested tour date and time. If that time won't work for you, please suggest a different time by clicking change tour. Click here for more details on tour scheduling.

There are three steps to getting your guest booked and settled in your space. 

Step 1: Provide a Tour

To make sure the tour goes smoothly, be sure to prepare the following:

  1. Confirm date and time - Make sure the guest has instructions for accessing the space and someone is available to greet them for their scheduled tour.
  2. Show the guest around - Show them the space they’re interested in and any applicable amenities and shared spaces (break room/kitchen, conference rooms, printer, phone booths, mailbox, etc.)
  3. Ask your questions - Think of questions for the potential guest in advance to make sure they’re a good fit for your space (e.g. What is your work style? Are you on the phone a lot? Do you need storage space?)
  4. Make the deal - if the guest would like to reserve a different space than advertised or if you make a special pricing agreement with them, make the changes in LiquidSpace so they are able to reserve through their initial request from LiquidSpace. You should also add any additional house rules at this point before approving them to book. 

Step 2: Approve Booking Requests

After you decide if this guest is a fit for your space, return to Messenger to approve the guest to book your space. Under Step 3, click Approve.

Once you approve the guest to book your space, we'll prompt them to complete their booking. LiquidSpace will collect payment for the first month plus a deposit (if required).

If your space is not a good fit for the guest, you can decline access by clicking the More button next to the Reply button in Messenger and select Decline Booking. Our team will work with the guest that could not be accommodated to find a suitable alternative.

Step 3: Onboard a new LiquidSpace guest

Once your LiquidSpace guest has booked their monthly space, make sure you are prepared to help them get settled:

  1. Send a welcome packet - 1-2 weeks before the scheduled move-in date make sure the guest has instructions for parking, accessing the space, information about keys/access cards, wifi information, details on accessing conference rooms or other shared spaces. See attached for an example welcome kit.
  2. Review the LiquidSpace Terms - LiquidSpace monthly guests do not need a separate contract signed to use your space. Everything is covered in the LiquidSpace Terms of Use (DASH License) and your House Rules (if provided). If you have any questions about these terms, please reach out
  3. Greet your guest - On their move-in date, make sure that you or your team are on-site to help them get settled in their new space and answer any move-in questions they may have. 
  4. How you'll get paid - LiquidSpace will collect payment monthly for the guest's fees and will remit payment to you on the 15th of each month via your selected payment method (check, direct deposit, or PayPal).  
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