Tips to Market your Space

Wondering how you can help increase your LiquidSpace guest bookings? Here are some ways you can market your workspaces. You can also download the LiquidSpace Marketing Toolkit and Social Media Engagement QuickTip available at the bottom of this article for even more details on how to grow your business using LiquidSpace.

1. Get the word out on social media!
Include your marketing link in your tweets, LinkedIn updates, Facebook statuses, or Instagram photos and people can book directly online. Increase the visibility of your LiquidSpace profile and available spaces by linking guests directly back to your page. Remember: Hourly/Daily reservations made from this link result in only a 10% LiquidSpace fee; the rest goes to you. Find your individualized link on your Marketing tab.

2. Encourage bookings with customized coupon codes.
Click here for more information on how you can setup your own coupons. Then share the code with potentials or reach new potentials by including it in your tweet or update:

3. Convert your website browsers into customers.
Add a link to your website and empower guests to book your spaces instantly from your website. And remember, when someone books space through your marketing link, you’ll get 90% of the revenue from the reservation since you brought them to the site.

4. Let Google do the work for you.
Increase your reach by including location-specific and workspace-related keywords in your venue and workspace descriptions. Including details about your area along with the types of workspaces you offer will help Google connect you with the people looking in your area. Here’s what that could look like:

If you have any questions or if you’d like help with any of these marketing tools, let us know.  

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