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Welcome to LiquidSpace! Each property listed on our marketplace has a venue profile page. That profile outlines building location, amenities included, workspaces, and guest reviews.

If you've already completed the Share Your Space process, your venue is marked as In Setup and you probably have images, descriptions, and pricing to add. The following information should help you get everything fine tuned and ready for going live.

If you haven't completed the process yet, don't worry - You're still in the right place. 🙂

To guide you through and on to submitting your listings for review, we've created a few help options...

You can watch me demonstrate and explain the important parts of the process in the two quick Youtube videos below.  

We also have a great step-by-step guide written up. Click here to get started, if reading suits you better.

And finally, our Support team is here to help via live-chat from 7am until 5pm (Central) every weekday. Use the chat option at the bottom-right corner if you have questions along the way, we'd love to hear from you.   

Thanks for choosing LiquidSpace!

Michael Musgrave

Director of Customer Operations 


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