Ratings and Reviews

We want your LiquidSpace guests to be able to brag about your venue's space, service, and amenities. Ratings and reviews allow a guest to rate your space on a 5-star scale after their reservation is completed.

Download the attached Workspace Reviews Quick Tip learn more about ratings and read below to review some important policy information.

Important Rating Policies

Rating Notifications

An email will be sent to all administrators of your venue for each rating that you receive. The emails will include who rated the space (guest may choose to remain anonymous), the workspace being rated, the rating, and any comments. You can see an example here.

Responding to Ratings

You are notified of all ratings for your space to ensure that you can not only address any concerns raised by members, but also to make you and your team aware of great experiences. We encourage you to think about how you want to handle ratings and reviews that are posted for your space.  You may wish to thank guests for positive ratings and encourage rebooking. Please feel free to reach out to support@liquidspace.com to request coupons for your guests or to have us reach out to them to offer discounts or collect for more information on a rating.

Please note that it is LiquidSpace’s policy to always reach out to a guest rating 2 or 1 stars to address any concerns. If you would like to include a personal message with this outreach, please contact support@liquidspace.com when you receive the rating.

If a LiquidSpace guest shares their rating with their full name included, you do have the right to contact that member directly with the contact information provided on their reservation. However we do recommend that, where possible, you reach out to LiquidSpace so we can help facilitate these conversations and ensure a neutral party is involved. If a guest rates anonymously, please reach out to LiquidSpace before contacting the member directly.

Internal Members

You are encouraged to have your internal members rate their experiences at your venue. LiquidSpace will not solicit ratings from your internal members and will only contact internal members rating at your space if there is a concern about rating content.

Ratings Dispute/Remove Policy

LiquidSpace Guests are entitled to post their opinions regarding their experience with your space. However, if you are concerned that it should be removed, you may request that LiquidSpace review a rating. While it is not guaranteed that all ratings for which you request a review will be removed, we will take each inquiry seriously. Please outline the reason you request that the rating/comments be removed and send to support@liquidspace.com.

            Ratings or comments may be removed if they include:

    • Vulgar or offensive language
    • Personal information or descriptions of your staff or other guests/members
    • Personal attacks toward any members of your staff or venue
    • Ratings for workspace that wasn't used by the guest
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