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All prices listed on LiquidSpace include tax. If you wish to break out sales tax as a separate line item for your reservations, you can set that up in the Venue Settings section of your Venue Edit tab. 


Fill in the fields applicable to your tax needs:

Tax Percentage (%)
Enter your local sales tax rate here. If you are responsible for collecting more than one tax, enter the combined sales tax rate. 

Additional Fixed Tax ($)
Enter any fixed/flat rate per-booking charges here. 

Apply Tax to Discounts?
Choose if you wish to have your tax rate calculated on the total before any coupons/discounts or on the total after discounts are applied. 

Note: All fields are optional. You are responsible for collecting and remitting sales tax for your venue. If you choose not to break out sales tax separately, you may leave these fields blank. If you are unsure what to put in any field, please consult your tax advisor. 

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