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LiquidSpace takes care of processing all guest reservation payments for you.  We will automatically send payment to you on the 15th of each month. For all the details on when and how you'll be paid, click here. In this section, you can also set up information for collecting sales tax.

In the Payment Information section of your Venue Info tab, complete the fields so we can send your payments to the right place and contact the right person in case of questions or issues.  

Payee Name
The business or individual's name to whom the check should be made payable.

Contact name, email and phone 
The individual we should contact with billing concerns or issues. This is also the contact who will receive monthly emails when statements are ready to be viewed.

The billing address for your venue. If you are receiving payments via check, this is the address where your checks will be sent.

Also in this section, you can set up sales tax. Click next to learn how to set that up, if desired.

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