The LiquidSpace Experience (Hosting Standards)

What is The Irresistible Meeting?

To ensure that you are able to provide an irresistible meeting experience for your LiquidSpace guests, you'll want to make sure that you and your staff are prepared each day for any reservations that you have.  

Please review these Guest Readiness Guidelines to ensure that you are ready to provide a great experience for your guests.

Front desk staff prepared
Since many of these guests will be arriving at your venue for the first time, make sure that your front desk staff is prepared for their arrival. Staff should be at the front desk or accessible at the time of arrival for the LiquidSpace guest and knowledgeable about the time, workspace, attendees, and duration of the guest's meeting.

Amenities prepared
Ensure that all requested amenities (especially those requiring setup like projectors or food) are prepared prior to arrival.  

Check-in process
Be sure to greet your guests by name and use the check-in feature on the LiquidSpace calendar to indicate their arrival. Show them to their room and provide information needed for internet access and important office features (restrooms, copier, kitchen, etc...). Consider preparing a handout or table tent - download available below - to share this information easily.  

Note: Review how to edit reservations with your staff in case a guest needs their reservation shortened, extended, or moved to another room.

Check-out process
Thank them for coming - and invite them back! Use the check-out feature in the LiquidSpace calendar to indicate their departure. Collect payment for any additional services provided beyond the workspace rental and included amenities.  

For more information, download the attached Delivering the LiquidSpace experience quick tip below.

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