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The best way to be prepared for LiquidSpace guests is to ensure that you are receiving the proper notifications. Add your team members in the Venue Setup --> Team section of your Venue Manager to ensure that you and your team are making the most of LiquidSpace notifications. 

Once this step is finished, your venue setup will be complete.

How to add a team member
Click + Add a Team Member. A screen will come up prompting you to add the details of the venue administrator that you wish to add. 

Enter in their contact info and then set up their role and notification preferences.

When you add a new administrator to your account, you’ll need to assign them the appropriate role (editing rights) for your space. The person who created the venue profile will be defaulted as the Venue Owner.

Other roles include:

  Venue Host: Venue hosts have access to edit your venue profile, workspaces, pricing details, calendar, and hours of operation.Venue administrators can also add additional administrators.
  Calendar Admin: Calendar administrators have access to view and edit your venue calendar and hours tab. They cannot edit your venue profile details.

Notification Preferences
Hourly: Choose if this team member is to receive all hourly notification emails, just those for LiquidSpace credit card billed guests, or no hourly notification emails. If you are not using LiquidSpace as your primary calendar for both LiquidSpace guests and internal member bookings, you can leave at the default All Reservations setting.

Hourly notifications include email notifications for: new reservation confirmation emails, reservation change and cancellation emails and the daily agenda. Click here to see notification examples and explanations.

Note: At least one administrator must be set up to receive guest (credit card billed) notifications.  

Messenger Activity: Choose if this team member is to receive messenger notification emails or not. 

Messenger activity include email notifications for: monthly Requests to Tour/Book, messages from messenger, monthly booking confirmation, and monthly booking change or cancellation emails. 

Choose your notification method:

Most notifications are sent via email. You can receive arrival notifications and messenger notifications via SMS. Choose if you wish to receive email only notifications or email and SMS. 

Note: Ratings emails will be sent to all team members.

Venue Host
In order to personalize your venue, we encourage that you designate a venue host. A venue host name and image fosters a sense of trust with guests and increases their comfort booking your space. Choose your host from the dropdown. It is best that you choose the team member who is most likely to greet guests. Ensure that the account has a photo uploaded as well. 

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