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Open Status

With the COVID-19 outbreak, being labelled as a pandemic by the World Health Organization, many venue partners are closing down in precaution or by authority. As always, we want our members to be able to see what is available in real time, because some people still need space to work out of. 

We've come up with some status features to place on the site to let our guests know if your venue is still open. 

CONFIRMED OPEN - Your location is open and your hours and availability are up-to-date.
LIMITED ACCESS - Your location is limiting access to members only but is still doing tours for new members (virtual or in-person).
TEMPORARILY CLOSED - Your location is temporarily closed for both members and guests until further notice.



You can change these statuses around as your situation evolves. Until your status is updated we will add an ‘UNCONFIRMED’ label to your profile to ask members and guests to message you and confirm before booking a space or tour.


Next, we'll set up your venue's hours of operation and any standard holidays you are closed found in the Settings --> Hours section of your Venue Manager. 

Guest Hours
Choose the hours you and your team are available to host LiquidSpace guests. This should be the hours that your front desk staff (or a designated venue host) will be on site to provide tours and greet guests.

Check the standard bank holidays that your venue should be closed to the public from the list provided. If you are outside the US, local holidays will be displayed.

To set up additional, custom holidays or special hours for internal members, view the Adding Exceptions article. 

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