Can I monetize my spaces month to month?


Mobile workforce and start up companies use our platform to find the best solutions for their workplace needs. We help teams grow by liberating them from traditionally rigid leasing options and instead offering simple and flexible month to month alternatives. Yup, you guessed it, that's where you come in!

Monetize your spaces by booking month to month with guests from the LiquidSpace network.
Not only does LiquidSpace provide you with a unique additional revenue stream, but you'll also get a beautiful online profile to showcase your work spaces marketed by state of the art Search Engine Optimization. Also, our worry free + client friendly payment processing means you don't have to handle payments and collections.
Simple monthly terms free you from common leasing hassles and fine print, plus your profile will be accessible to the thousands of professionals on the LS network. You'll appreciate the simplified 10% fee structure and direct deposit payment process.

Are you ready to get started? Adding month to month spaces is simple! Within your LiquidSpace profile you'll simply create a listing for each additional space, set pricing, add in house rules, review our industry standard license (also known as DASH) and bam! Your new month to month space listing is live and ready for booking.

LiquidSpace members will discover a detailed description of your space and view space photos and availability. All payments are handled with our seamless payment process. Including charging guest credit cards on the 1st of each month and providing convenient monthly auto renewal. And flexible 30 day notice cancellations! For you, this means you'll always get a simple straightforward fee structure and direct deposit payments every month. It doesn't get much better than that!

Add your Month to Month spaces today in your venue manager dashboard.

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