LiquidSpace Venue and Calendar Management

The LiquidSpace Marketplace lists workspaces based on their real-time availability and allows guests to book and confirm in one easy step. 

If you are listing hourly/daily spaces, you'll need to determine how you wish to manage your LiquidSpace calendar and keep it up-to-date with your accurate availability. 


1) Use LiquidSpace as your venue and calendar management tool

Many venues choose to use the LiquidSpace calendar as their only calendar. You can invite internal members to book space directly through your venue profile on the LiquidSpace website or mobile app and still bill them internally. 

 2) Integrate the LiquidSpace calendar with your current calendar management software

Set up a calendar integration to one of the many LiquidSpace Integration Partners to keep both calendars up-to-date. 

3) Manually manage your availability in the LiquidSpace calendar

If you can't do an integration with your existing calendar and using the LiquidSpace calendar as your venue management tool isn't an option, you can easily manage your availability by manually updating your calendar. 

Note: You'll need to login as a venue administrator to view some instructional content linked in this article.

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