Integrating your MorningStar calendar with LiquidSpace is a great way to ensure that your calendars are always accurate in both your MorningStar system and the LiquidSpace marketplace.

If you'd like to integrate your MorningStar calendars with LiquidSpace, fill out the following information and email it to We'll connect with the MorningStar team and get your integration completed. 

MorningStar integration request

1) Venue name in LiquidSpace: 

2) Venue name in MorningStar: 

3) Do you have more than one location you would like to sync?

4) Would you like to sync your members?**


** You can sync your members directly from MorningStar and give them the flexibility to book through LiquidSpace and still handle all their billing through MorningStar. This is optional and can be activated at a later time if you choose. 

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