Google Calendar

Integrating your Google calendars with LiquidSpace is a great way to ensure that your calendars are always accurate in both Google Apps and the LiquidSpace marketplace. 

It's easy to integrate your LiquidSpace calendar with your Google calendar. You can set up everything in Google in just a few minutes using these three easy steps. 

1) Share your Google calendar with Give permission to Make changes to events**


2) Copy your calendar ID from the "Settings" section of your calendar


3) Paste the ID next to the LiquidSpace workspace name and email it to 

Repeat these steps for each calendar/workspace you want to integrate. We'll do the rest! 

Note: At this time we can only sync your meeting spaces/offices. Co-working spaces cannot be synced via the integration.

**Google Apps settings sometimes prevents the option “makes changes to events” from being a selectable permissions setting.

Please have your Google Apps administrator update the Calendar settings to "Share all information, and outsiders can change calendars" before you share your calendar. 

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