The LiquidSpace Calendar

LiquidSpace is a real-time booking marketplace. Guests search and find space that is available when they need it and book it right away. Ensuring that your have accurate availability listed on your calendar is key to being listed as a LiquidSpace venue. Luckily, we're here to help make sure you can keep you calendar up-to-date.

Because LiquidSpace does offer real-time availability, we also offer a free, simple calendar tool to help you manage your venue. If you don't already have a calendar system set up to manage your space (or you're looking for a new one), the LiquidSpace calendar may be right for you. 


Many venues choose to use the LiquidSpace calendar as their primary calendar. You can even invite your walk-in or direct-booked guests to books space through your venue profile on the LiquidSpace website or mobile app and still bill them directly. 

Use the calendar and agenda view to prepare for both your direct-booked and LiquidSpace booked guests, our easy reporting makes it simple to see how much time each user has spent at your space and makes managing guests (and earning revenue) a breeze.

You can add exceptions to close your space to mark when you are and are not open. Such as for holidays, vacations, or certain members can have after hours access, etc. 

If you already use another calendar system, we'll help you set up an integration to ensure that both calendars are always accurate. Or you can always choose to manually manage your calendar to keep it up-to-date. 

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