Setting Up Your Space Availability

How to Use Space Statuses

LiquidSpace space statuses allow you to adjust the visibility of your listings on the LiquidSpace platform in three ways.


Public - Spaces set to “Public” are fully visible in the LiquidSpace marketplace. People will be able to view your space in the LiquidSpace search and send you tour requests and messages about the space. Making your spaces “Public” is the best way to maximize your success on LiquidSpace because it gets more eyeballs to your listings.

Private - Spaces set to "Private" are only visible to people with the space link. Use the private setting if you want to send a custom price or configuration to a customer. Private listings won't appear in the LiquidSpace search and you will not receive organic tour requests or messages for these listings.

Hidden - Making a space “Hidden” is the easiest way to take down a space that is no longer available without losing its historic information within your account.

How to Set Space Availability 


Setting Up Future Availability - Select the space on the Spaces tab and click to expand the availability section on the top left corner. Select "on a specific date" in the "When is the space available?" section. A calendar will appear and let you select the availability date. This functionality is best utilized to pre-merchandise your upcoming monthly availabilities.

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