LiquidSpace Space Statuses - And How to Use Them

LiquidSpace space statuses allow you to adjust the visibility of your listings on the LiquidSpace platform in three ways. Below is more information on each status so you can select the correct status for each of your spaces:

Note that the descriptions in this article refer specifically to spaces listed by the month or more. All your hourly spaces should be set to public. If you wish to have private hourly spaces, please contact LiquidSpace.


Public - Exactly what it sounds like, spaces is set to “Public” it will come up publicly on LiquidSpace. Anyone can request to tour your space and your listing will come up when someone searches in your area. Making your spaces “Public” is the best way to maximize your success on LiquidSpace because it gets more eyeballs to your specific listings.

Private - Spaces set to “Private” will only come to those people you share your listing with. Only those people can request to tour your space.

These spaces will still allow your venue to appear in search results when someone's search matches the criteria of the space - but not space details will be listed. Instead, that person searching will only be able to message to see if you have a space to suit their need. Making a space “Private” can be a great way to highlight your location with potential bookers without having to include specific space or pricing details. 

Hidden - Spaces set to “Hidden” will not come up to anyone besides your team on LiquidSpace. No one can request to tour hidden spaces and these spaces will not come up when someone searches in your area. Making a space “Hidden” is the easy way to take down a space that is no longer available.

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