Adding Incidentals for Monthly Reservations

We know that often you provide more for a guest than simply a space to work. With LiquidSpace you can easily add incidental charges to your guest's monthly bookings. Not only does this make it easy for the guest to pay for their space with one charge each month and see all cost details in one place, incidental charges make it easy for you to eliminate the hassle of trying to collect for additional charges a guest may incur. 

Incidentals are added to the current month and charged with the next monthly charge for the guest (for example: incidentals incurred during July would be collected August 1 and paid to you with your August payment).

Incidentals can be added to your monthly guest's reservations via the Reservations section of your venue manager. Click "Add incidentals" for the particular reservation you wish to edit. Addincidentals.png

This will bring up the incidentals detail screen where you can add in specific uses and dollar amounts to be added to the booking. 


Click Submit to save your charges. 


You can add to or edit the incidental amount until the last day of the current month. 

**Please note that incidentals are non-refundable because they should always represent a service or item that was actually used by the guest during that month.**


Note: Guests will be notified of the incidental charges.

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