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Your LiquidSpace venue profile is more than an online listing; it’s your display window to potential tenants and hourly guests. It is a powerful marketing tool to promote your venue and grow your business. Industry experts have shown that high quality photos and carefully crafted descriptions attract more views and encourage bookings.
The first introduction that a LiquidSpace guest will get to your workspaces will be your images. Making sure that you have high quality, accurate images is the best way to showcase your space.
To help you maximize your success on LiquidSpace by enhancing the quality of your profile pictures, LiquidSpace is proud to partner with VHT Studios, the premier professional real estate photography service, and their nationwide network of professional photographers.
Starting at just $199, you can have a professional real estate photographer come and capture your spaces.

Additional Questions:

What's included in a VHT photo shoot?

You will receive 10+ images (depending on your selected package). Additional images and services can be selected for an additional fee. See the scheduling form for details.

Do I have to be in a certain location to get a VHT photographer?

The program is available throughout the United States. VHT will contact you after submitting the scheduling form to confirm a photographer in your area and get you scheduled. Depending on your venue location, additional travel fees may apply.

Who will get copies?

VHT will send the images directly to you at the venue. LiquidSpace will also receive copies and we will upload the images to your profile for you.

How long with the shoot take?

The shoot will last between 60-90 minutes depending on the size of your venue.

Can there be people in my space during the photo shoot?

People can better imagine the space as their own if it is empty in photos so we recommend that there are no people in images - especially for private spaces like offices and conference rooms. If people are to be in the images, they will need to sign a release form, which the photographer will provide.

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