What is Mobility Manager

Are you looking for a way to allow your distributed team to access, book, and use workspace on demand? LiquidSpace Mobility Manager is the simple, systematic and secure Enterprise Solution to support the mobility needs of a distributed team.

Mobility Manager is a free tool that provides:

  • Flexibility – access to the world’s largest network of on-demand workspace
  • Control – online tools to manage personnel and payment, and to monitor real time activity
  • Cost savings – reduce the cost of unused space and increase visibility into actual workplace activity

What you get: 

Network Access
Choose from:

  • Full Network Access - Set up your team with access to the full network of LiquidSpace venues
  • Curated Network - Provide your team with access to a limited, curated network of spaces - bookable on the LiquidSpace website or mobile app. 

Payment Options
Choose from:

  • Corporate Account - Allow employees to book with a central corporate payment account
  • Department Accounts - Tie individuals to different departments using multiple corporate credit cards
  • Individual Payments - Allow users to use individual credit cards

Manage Your Team

  • Bulk Upload - Invite users as a group by uploading a list of names to your team
  • Customizable Messaging - Adjust the messaging for each group as needed
  • Add/Remove Members - Easily add and remove users from your team


  • Track Usage - Report use by time period, individual, and venue. 
  • Track Financials - Report on the costs and expenses
  • Export Data - Pull data into CSV format for easy inclusion in other systems 

Contact our sales team today to learn more about how the LiquidSpace Mobility Manager can help you and your team. 

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