Member Group Reporting

The greatest benefit of your member group is that, as a group administrator, it allows you to see all the activity for your company within LiquidSpace. We'll also help you identify any employees booking via LiquidSpace who have not specifically been invited to do so. 

To run your member group report, navigate to "Manage Member Groups" on My LiquidSpace. 

Choose "Run Report."

In the report parameters, choose the date range you wish to include in the report. Remember - reservations pulled into the report will need to have a start date within the selected range to be included. You can run for the past or future. 

Click "Run Report."

While running it will show in the Group Report queue and once completed, you'll be able to download the full report. Reports never expire. You can always download past reports. 

The report will be broken into three sections. 

Section 1: 

This section will have all the reservations for your group members in the specified date range. You'll be able to see the reservation owner, venue, dates, length, status (completed, deleted (not billed) or cancellation policy (billed), cost, and all other details about the bookings. 

Section 2: 

This section will include any active LiquidSpace users with an email address in your domain (if specified) that are not a member of the group. If desired, you can add them and re-run the report to see their booking activity. 

Section 3: 

This section will tell you the status of all your invited members. If you uploaded notes with users, that will be displayed in the "notes" column. Their status will show as Active (accepted) or Pending.

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