Adding Members to Your Member Group

As a member group administrator, you can add and remove users from your group quickly and easily. Users in your group will be invited to activate an account in LiquidSpace and begin searching and booking space. Depending on your group settings, users may be subject to search restrictions or have their payments made from a centralized billing account. 

You can either invite individuals or do a group/batch upload (see attached template). The only information required when adding a user is First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. Optional fields include Phone Number (recommended), Postal Code, Company Name, Title, and additional notes (visible to admins only).

To add a user, click on "Manage Member Groups" from My LiquidSpace. 


Then, choose "Add Members."

Step 1: Enter individual member information or upload a list

On this form, either enter the details of the individual you wish to add or click "Choose File" to find and upload your prepared .CSV. You can download the starter template from this article or directly on the member invite page. 

Step 2: Customize your invitation message

The member invite will include our default invitation language - or you can include customized language prepared for your team. Review the text in this box to ensure it is right for your team. Your logo will be previewed on the right (Don't see a logo? Click Here).

Check the box to remember your language for future invites. This will only be remembered after a invite is processed, so if you want to set the up ahead of time, you'll want to do a test invite or save the message outside LiquidSpace until you are ready for a real invitation. 

Then check the box to confirm you have the right to email these individuals. 

Click "Preview Invitation" to see what their invite email will look like. 

Once you've confirmed the invite looks good, you can click "Submit" to process the invite. 

The top of the screen will indicate that the invite is in process and confirm when it's completed. 

If you've included users previously invited, the import will skip them and show you. You'll also be notified of any invites that failed and which emails were unsuccessful. 

Users won't show in your user list until they have accepted the invitation, but you can see all pending invitations in your Member Group Report

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