Creating the Ultimate Tour Experience

Wondering how to close more deals? When people search for office space on LiquidSpace, they will typically book one of the first 3-5 spaces they tour. Use this guide to quickly confirm tours and provide a great experience to close more deals. 

1. Confirm the tour - Whether the tour is in 20 minutes or 2 days, make sure to confirm the tour immediately. With LiquidSpace, you can confirm the tour directly from your Messenger Dashboard or by email; or propose a new date and time if it doesn’t work for you. Use messenger to assure them you're looking forward to it and provide them any additional details about arrival. This gives the prospect peace of mind and gives you an opportunity to confirm that they have the right address.

2. Greet Client - First impressions set the tone and pace for the tour of your space. So a warm hello and friendly smile goes a long way for a prospect who is looking to conduct business in your space.

3. Before you show the space - Find a quiet place to have a short conversation with your prospect. The following questions help to determine if this will be a great potential fit.

  1. How many people would you need to accommodate?
  2. When do you need to move in?
  3. Will anyone else need to see the space?
  4. Would you need access to a conference room?

Asking these questions helps the potential tenant keep their needs and wants front of mind. With the answers to these questions, you should be able to highlight their needs and wants during the tour.

4. Show the space - Encourage the prospect to take pictures. {i.e “Okay, let me show you the office you inquired about on LiquidSpace. Please feel free to take pictures with your phone."}

Allow the client to see the kitchen area, copy area, conference/meeting rooms, and the restrooms. You want them to envision themselves in working in the space every day. When you show these spaces along with the office you are looking to rent, the likelihood of them renting your space increases. If there are no common areas, show the office space and introduce potential officemates along the way. Also, highlight any nearby coffee shops and/or chic restaurants in the area.

At the end of the tour, be sure to give them an opportunity to ask any questions. Let them know you’ll follow up with a LiquidSpace message with next steps. Also, let them know that you welcome any and all feedback. Allowing open dialog will keep the prospect more open to your space.

5. Approve to Book - If the guest was a good fit for your space, let them know by approving their booking request in LiquidSpace Messenger. The guest will be notified and will be able to book directly on LiquidSpace. You can also send a message to thank them and encourage them to move forward with your space.

We look forward to working with you to find great prospective tenants for your space.

Please contact your venue specialist if you need any assistance. 

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