Find More Leads with Proposals

Get insights to what customers are looking and attract new leads with LiquidSpace Proposals. As a host on LiquidSpace, you get access to real-time search insights to see people who are searching for a monthly office near you. If you have a space that is a good match, you can send a proposal to them directly through LiquidSpace Messenger. 
Get leads while they're hot. Most people will choose one of the first 3 offices they tour on LiquidSpace, so it's important for us to help them find the perfect space as quick as possible. We're leveraging our amazing network of hosts and sharing data on people looking for a monthly office or desks right now.  
  • You will receive a weekly email with new searches in your area. 
  • You can also see real-time search insights from your LiquidSpace Dashboard. 
  • Create a proposal in 3-steps. 
  • Receive direct replies from people, who can ask questions or to schedule a tour. 


How it Works | Create a Proposal in 3 Easy Steps
Connect with hot leads by creating a Proposal and sending directly through LiquidSpace. 
Note: Each venue is limited to 10 proposals a week. We share as much information as we can (click "see details" to view all the information about a lead) about the searchers need and activity level so you can choose the leads that are going to be the best fit for your venue. This also helps prevent customers from getting overwhelmed with proposals and improve your likelihood of getting a response. 
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